lizLisandra Linde is an editor and writer based in Adelaide, South Australia. In 2017 she co-founded the online Arts magazine Tulpa Magazine at which she is currently a managing editor. 

She writes Fantasy and creative nonfiction and frequently performs at spoken word events around Adelaide. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and Archaeology. During her undergraduate studies she was an editor and designer for Empire Times Magazine. She is the vice president and treasurer of Speakeasy Flinders and a member of Quart Short Literary Readings.

Lisandra is a PhD student at Flinders University. She is currently researching Australia’s forgotten female essayists.

She tweets at @KrestianLullaby


Selected Published Work

‘Mother of the Deep’, Pisces (Anthology), Deadset Press (2020)

‘Sexism, toxic masculinity, and female fantasy writers’, Feminartsy (June 28, 2018)

‘The Skins I’m In’, Tattoo (Anthology), Bowen Street Press (2018)

‘In Conversation With: Deviant Women’, Tulpa Magazine (2018)

‘Love Undying’, e[strange]d, Bowen Street Press (2018)

‘The Un-belonging’, Pulse (Anthology), Bowen Street Press (2017)

‘The South is Another Country’, Empire Times Magazine, Volume 44:1 (2017)

‘An Interview with Emma Maguire’, Empire Times Magazine, Volume 44:3 (2017)

‘Imposter! Making sense of, and combatting, writer’s doubt’, Tulpa Magazine, (2017)

‘A Son’s Love’, Speakeasy Zine, Volume 7 (2016)



“Lisandra Linde entranced the audience with an old English style poem on the high seas reminiscent of a Shakespearean soliloquy, with heroic captains and honourable ships and blades finding their marks. ‘From my post at the helm I hear them every night. Oh how my captain fails me now.’”

– Richard Falkner and Tom Burghardt, Choppers chopping over Writers’ Tears – Speakeasy at the Wheatsheaf 22 June 2016speakeasyflinders.blogspot.com.au

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